Ahead of the game

8-week challenge

Ahead Of The Game
What does it include?

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Are you ready to get Ahead of The Game?

How many times have you heard new year, new me? How many times have you said new year, new me? I think it’s about time you change it up and finally get yourself AHEAD OF THE GAME. 
Ahead of the Game is an 8-week challenge taking you right up to the start of the new year. I’ve created it to give you the best chance of actually sticking to your new year, new me goals and achieving the body and mind you know is within you. There is no doubt that if you lay the foundations now, you will have a stronger likelihood of committing to your transformation in 2022. Whilst everyone else has taken their eye off the ball and is over indulging, you’re going to be quietly chipping away and transforming your life. 

Balance is key and we’re heading into a very fun time of year so I’m not going to take that away from you! You’ll still be able to enjoy the festivities, have a great time, eat and drink with family and friends but you’ll also develop discipline, understanding and will power that is going to get you Ahead Of The Game for 2022. 
You’ll truly be starting 2022 ahead of the rest. 

Think about it… Heading into 2022 with a head start, already feeling and looking better than you thought you could. You’ve pushed through the aches of doing your first workout and craving fast food and now you are into your routine, loving how fitness makes you feel and seeing results and changes throughout your body! 

It may sound a little too good to be true but let me tell you it’s not! 

I created Empower for this exact reason… to help people like you, get the results they have always been looking for. I have transformed hundreds of Clients lives and I’m going to help you transform yours.